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Printing Help
Print Instructions

Follow the steps below to  print a complete article
For instructions on  printing part of an article  click here.

Print Complete Article
Step 1 Displayed at the bottom of all articles is 'Print Article' icon. Click on the icon.
Step 2 After clicking on the 'Print Article' icon a new page will be displayed in a new window.
The new page will contain only the
article content.
  Select File -  Print from the browser menu, and a similar print dialog box will appear (as below).
Step 3

Set the print options for printing and click on the print button. The article will be printed to the selected printer.


The printer list as above will vary depending on the printer's set-up on your network.

Step 4 Close the window that appeared in step 2. The window that appeared in Step 1 should still be displayed as below.
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